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Scientific Committee:

Prof. Jorge Fernandes, UiN, Norway

Dr. Elena Sarropoulou, IMBBC-HCMR, Greece

Prof. Zhanjiang (John) Liu, Auburn University, USA

Prof. Kiron Viswanath,  UiN, Norway

Prof. Igor Babiak, UiN, Norway

Prof. Christel Solberg, UiN, Norway

Dr. Anna Wargelius, Institute of Marine Research, Norway

Dr. Kaja Skjærven, NIFES, Norway

Dr. Anna Sonesson, NOFIMA, Norway

Prof. Sigbjørn Lien, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway

Dr. Sissel Jentoft, University of Oslo, Norway

Dr. Nina Santi, AquaGen AS, Norway

Dr. Trygve Sigholt, Biomar AS, Norway

Dr. Sverre Bjørnstad, Geno AS, Norway

Dr. Petter Arnesen, Marine Harvest AS, Norway

Dr. Håvard Bakke, Salmobreed AS, Norway

GIA2013 special issue

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